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Paul Penfield, guitarist, writer, artist Grady Martin (lead guitarist of legendary classics "El Paso" and "The Train Kept-A-Rolling" fame ) and Paul Penfield were trading hot licks on my Nashville sessions back in '72. Grady Martin Told me, "This guy is really good."  Here is Paul's website dedicated to his family home, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Paul has spent the last ten years restoring it to it's original condition, and it looks great! Paul toured England and Europe for years as a solo performer and guitarist. I've known Paul since 1962, where we first met while we were both going to the University of Hawaii.

A. J. and the Two Timers - I've known A. J. for a long time now. In fact, he introduced me to a lot of the musicians that still play on my records. I'll be eternally grateful to him for that, but he's also a damn good rocker to boot. He's finally got a CD out, and it's a great traditional rockabilly outing. Check it out, it's too cool to describe.  It features Memphis Mike on lead guitar.

Memphis Mike, guitar and slap bass - Mike's been playing lead guitar and Slap Bass on a lot of my music for years now, and he's started producing some new rockabilly acts on his own, as well as his own stuff. This is Mike's own website for his band "The Legendary Tremblers" and they've been making big waves in the U.K and Australia these past couple of years. Sam Phillips bought him lunch a few years back. Hayden Thompson is doing one of Mike's songs on an upcoming album.  As Mike once said a few years back, "Now that Danny Gatton's gone, I guess that makes me the best."   the boy DOES have confidence, and he rocks hard!.

Max Bangwell, drummer - Max has been drumming on most my music since 1982, and he's come into his own in the last few years, now that he's working out in LA and Hollywood.. He even played drums on  a video with the great Jerry Lee Lewis for his "Last Man Standing" CD. . Sam Phillips didn't buy Max lunch, but Mick Jagger bought him a lap dance.

Rick Harper - I started working with Rick this past year on my new material. He's a multi-talented guy, a regular Swiss-Army knife on many instruments. His primary instrument is electric bass, but he can play just about everything, it seems. He's a really good song writer too.

Danny Dickerson - Danny and I played together for a few years in the 70s and 80s, and we still get together once in a while to pick. That is, whenever he comes on up from Nashville, where he moved to years ago. He's played piano and guitar with Ed Bruce, Jimmy Ellis, Tracy Gibbs, Billy Joe Shaver, Joe South, and too many folks to fill in here. He issued a CD a few years back of his original songs.

Alexis Antes, singer/songwriter - Lexi's one of Clevelands finest happening folk singers, as well as the daughter of Bobbie Antes, a singer and pianist in her own right, and one of my favorite people to jam and record with. Bobbie's been playing a lot of wild piano on the new GHOST TRAIN album. But Lexi is one of Cleveland's finest acknowleged songwriter/singers, and a very busy perfomer.

60s garage - An online  fanzine run by Mike Dugo dedicated to Indie artists and bands. Great interviews and info

BlackCat Rockabilly Europe - A Great place to find new bands, as well as all the pioneers.

Hamilton Camp - Singer, Songwriter, Actor - home - An old friend, and a legendary singer and writer, very important to the folk movement of the Sixties. Writer of "Pride of Man". And a founding original member of the Second City Comedy Troupe. He passed away a few years back, but his friends and family are keeping his website going.


Richard Greer - Life is Good - Richard is a good friend, a singer,  and one of the top Jazz DJs in Cleveland. This site is dedicated to his photography and other interests.


TOM STALEY - Tom was the original drummer for NRBQ, and he 's still very active today, in his own bands, as well as sitting in with others.


The Mystery Train Blog  - Mostly Elvis stuff. Reviews, essays, clever stuf.



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